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2.0 Tutorial Series

A complete breakdown of all the features of the AVR Framework. We will upload 1 new Video every workday. So make sure to subscribe

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AVR 3.x Documentation

We created a comprehensive documentation of the AVR Framework 3.x. Check it out here. (Write us on Discord if you need the Documentation for other Versions)

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The best way we found to support you is our awesome discord community. We are already 400 members and growing.


Check out the Advanced VR Framework on the Unreal Engine Marketplace


Head over to YouTube and check out our Channel. We create a lot of framework specific tutorials over there.

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Because a lot of people asked us about this topic we are thrilled to announce that we are going to work closely together with Realic to develop custom client projects in the future. If you want to know more about this please get in contact with us.

Yes. If you want to modify the existing functionalities of this framework it is necessary that you have a good understanding of the Unreal Engine and the Blueprinting System.

We created everything in the framework with Blueprints. There is no need for C++. You don´t need to compile the Engine, no visual Studio required and no C++ knowledge needed. 100% Blueprint Magic 😀

The idea of the Advanced VR Framework is to provide you with the basic foundation to enable you to create your own features for your application.


If you have ideas for features that we should implement in the Advanced VR Framework we are very interested in hearing them. So they could become a part of the Framework in a future version.


Just let us know your thoughts in the feedback channel over at Discord

In general, we try to help out our community on the discord channel. That way every developer benefits from the questions asked there.

If the topic is to complex to be resolved in an appropriate timeframe, of you need very specific help, we would recommend checking out our Patreon

We suggest not upgrading a running project. It is best to finish the current project and start the new one with the latest version of the framework. That being said, there are a couple of things you can do to make a future update process easier. We have a tutorial about that here.

We have an Oculus Rift. Oculus s, Oculus Quest and a Vive for development. We try to get our hands on as many VR Hardware as possible. But we are not able to test/try/build every hardware out there. Most of the time you would only need to adapt the controller mappings to work for your hardware.

Official Index support is coming in 3.1

If you are not sure, just ask in our Discord community. There are a lot of devs with a lot of different devices. They might be able to answer your questions and help you get started.

3.0 is basically a completely new framework. Everything was rewritten to be cleaner, faster, better, and of course, multi-user ready. It is not possible to upgrade your existing 2.x project to 3.x

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